What is Bachata??

Bachata is a style of dance originated from Dominican republic. This traditional dance is widely practiced around the world and has been modernized and fused with different dance styles over time.

In basic essence Bachata consist of the usual Salsa steps but with a tap at the 4th and 8 beat, the tap is accompanied by a hip motion (guys don’t quote me on this).   Commonly danced from side to side alternating from open to romantic closed position with turn, hand flicks, body pops/rolls, dips and free style movements.

Here is a video to cover the basics. Remember there are no rules to bachata.

Different styles

This list can be argued to go on forever but by no means expert on this,  just to outline the commonly recognized listed bellow:

Bachata Moderna – Adopted with salsa/ballroom turns and patterns, also incorporated with urban style movement.

Bachatango – Should be self explanitory, but in case you are not sure google tango dance.

Bachata Sensual – Closed body position with emphasis on smooth hand and body movement such as body roll and dips.  Girls if you feel sensual then this is it!

Dominican Bachata  – Footwork and more fancy footwork.

Now, for something fun!! Enjoy spreading them butter..